Tuesday, 20 January 2015

I Baked: Cinnamon Rolls

If you follow me on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr / every single social media platform known to man, then you'll probably be sick of seeing this picture of my homemade cinnamon rolls. Also, as it's January, I presume a few of you might be trying to eat healthily and avoid naughty sugary treats. For these reasons I am very sorry.

But, I mean, look at them. Just look at them. All the cinnamon-y, doughy goodness with that incredible cream cheese glaze, complete with delicious specks of vanilla. They're quite a masterpiece - if I do say so myself of course.

Originally I had no plans to showcase my baking here on the blog so there's no 'step by step' photos or guide. If you do want to whip up a batch yourself then I can highly recommend you follow Donal Skehan's recipe. He is adorable. And if you do make them then promise me you will eat at least one just a few minutes after they come out of the oven. Seriously. Heaven on Earth.  

Catch you later! S...x



  1. These look like they're too die for! Literally getting hungry as we speak- would love to try and make them but trying to be healthy...sigh :p

  2. Nice :)


  3. OMG, OMG, OMG - I NEED to eat one of these now - they look amazing and cinnamon rolls are my fave you talented lady! xx


  4. Oh they look amazing!! I've not had any for years and years!
    Emma Xx


  5. omg i want some now! aha they look soo good x

  6. I somehow never managed to get healthy January started lol, think I'll put off till February and make these bad boys. Sound yummy


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