Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Scandinavia | Travel Snaps

A little glimpse at my adventures in Scandinavia! In case you didn't know, I recently spent 10 days traveling with my brother starting in Copenhagen and then hopping over the bridge to Sweden where we traveled Malmo, Lund and finally Gothenburg. 

We stayed in hostels half the time and Airbnb apartments for the rest. It was definitely an experience and we met a lot of really interesting people from all over the world from fellow Brits, to Australians, Canadians and Italians. Overall, I had a great time. Copenhagen was by far my favourite city and I would love to go back again one day as we only had a couple of days there and there's definitely a lot more to see!

I didn't take a 'real' camera with me as we were backpacking and I didn't want to take anything too heavy or that would be likely to get stolen. All these pictures were shot on my humble iPhone, but I think they turned out pretty well! I hope you liked this little peak at my travels. Have any of you been to Scandinavia?




  1. I'm incredibly jealous of you! It's one of my dreams to explore Copenhagen or somewhere like Stockholm but we couldn't find any deals that were cheap enough combined with a flight:( these photos look incredible for an iPhone!

  2. Looks absolutely amazing! I'm going to Finland after Christmas, can't wait!

    Sasha Monday | Beauty Blog x

  3. Oh so very very cool!


  4. Absolutely lovely photos! I've been to Norway and Finland and they were such beautiful countries. Sweden is next on the list!


  5. Beautiful photos, can't believe they were taken on iPhone! Scandinavia looks beautiful!


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