Monday, 5 August 2013

Outfit | Cold shoulders and leather shorts

(Top, New Look. Shorts, Topshop. Shoes, tReds. Bag, Primark. Hat, Missguided. Necklace, Primark. Belt, Topshop.)

I have been making a solid effort to wear heels more lately. I really love high heels but a lot of my friends are significantly shorter than myself and hardly any of them enjoy wearing heels either so it's not very often I get to indulge in this particular activity, which can be very upsetting. However, I've not been letting anyone hold me back recently and I've been reaching for my higher shoes on several occasions, hooray!

This time I've donned my wonderful Jeffers dupes from tReds that I got for a mere five pounds (yes, you read that correctly) and paired them with a basic black and white outfit and my super cool gangster hat from Missguided. I didn't think I'd like the cold shoulder trend that hit the streets a few months ago, but when I noticed this top in the New Look sale for £3 I thought, 'why not?', and I'm pretty happy with my decision so far. It's the perfect slouchy top to wear on warmer days like this one with shorts and fun accessories, and it looks just as good paired with black jeans and a leather jacket in cooler weather, too. 

I've seen a lot of pictures on my Facebook recently of people at the races, all dressed up in their fancy get up and OTT hats. It's making me extremely jealous as I haven't had any weddings to go to this summer so I've had ZERO excuses to get all glammed up in fabulous attire. Will one of you please just get married so I can buy a new dress?!  



  1. I have exactly the same heel-height issue! I have so many amazing pairs of heels but all my friends are tiny :(
    But I think you've inspired me just to go for it ;)
    Sian xxx

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  2. I can't believe your shoes were a fiver! I think there's a tReds near me so I'll have to pop in! xx

  3. Great JC dupes! Especially for the price! May have to go over and get some!

  4. love this look! really want to try out the cold-shoulder style of tops.

    High Society //

  5. love this outfit, definitely something I would wear!
    Olivia Ellen Wears Words

  6. Oh my god £5?! That is amaaazing ahhh!! Gorgeous outfit full stop, I love the gangster hat with it too haha :)

    Holly Mixtures

  7. £5!!! That's incredible. You look amazing Sarah!

    Amy xxx

  8. Lovely long legs in those amazing heels! Love the little shorts, I ordered some leather look shorts the other day can't wait to get them ;)


  9. I definitely go through phases where I try to wear my heels more. I am amazed you can walk in those though! When I wear heels a lot I go for lower ones.

    Also I love your shorts!

  10. This is such an adorable outfit!! Love it on you

    -Maddy @

  11. Wow £3 what a bargain girl!

    Would love you too enter my giveaway

  12. You look amazing! & five pounds thats crazy good hahaha
    If you get the change could you please check out my blog?
    Thank you so much

  13. Bargain!
    You look amazing (what else is new?)!

  14. You look very smart in Cold shoulders and leather shorts...
    And this dress are look very nice


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