Friday, 3 May 2013

Review: MUA 'Heaven and Earth' Palette

Okay, okay, HOLD THE PHONE. I've bought some eye shadow. I never rarely leave the house without filling my eyebrows in and wearing mascara but that is about the extent to which my eye make up expertise goes. I barely ever even wear eye liner. I know, I know. What kind of a girl am I?

But all is not lost. I decided that I wanted a basic eye palette that had a few neutral colours in that I could experiment with and I've seen a lot of people raving about the Urban Decay Naked palettes (I'm looking at you, beauty bloggers) but I really didn't want to fork out lots of money for anything fancy for my first one so I hit the MUA counter instead. I ended up picking this 'Heaven and Earth' palette up for £4 - and at just a fraction of the £36 price tag of the UD palettes I was a pretty happy bunny.

I've been using the paler colours just under my brow bone and in my inner corners, and then experimenting with the different shades across the lids. Now, I still don't wear eye shadow everyday, but this has definitely made me start paying more attention to my eye make up and I'm really pleased with the quality and colours that this palette has! It comes with it's own double ended applicator but I prefer to use my Real Techniques brushes because I can't really get on with the spongy applicator they supplied. 

The only downside is that the palette doesn't have a name for each individual shadow, which is a shame, but I believe they have started doing that in some of their newer palettes - which is always fun! I've swatched the colours below and you can see they're all quite shimmery and there's a great selection of shades there!

Basically, I'm really happy that I've finally got a nice selection of neutral eye shadows that I can start experimenting with. And at £4 it works out at about 33p per shadow. Not bad at all. 



  1. I have this palette and it is really amazing. The colors work together very well and with that low price the quality is surprisingly good :)
    xoxo, seyh

  2. i have some of mua's makeup aready, and although its cheap i think its so worth the money!! The eyebrow pallet is the best one!

  3. I have the undressed palette that I'm experimenting with at the moment! Really enjoying it xx

  4. Gorgeous shades, I have the first undressed palette and I love it as it has some matte shades in it :)

  5. I am planning to buy this tomorrow! I've seen so many people talk about it. I am the same as you - just brows and liner, and mascara! I never really venture into eyeshadow, but I will take a chance with this :)

  6. I love the MUA palettes.. the colours are really vibrant and long lasting :) I normally wear dark eye shadows on my eyes for nights out and these are some of the best I've used!

    I'm now following you :D

  7. No worries! You can always use these are eyebrow color or as eyeliner too! It is relatively easy to use :D

    XO, Michi


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