Saturday, 4 May 2013

My resistance to summer..

(Joni jeans, Topshop. Studded vest, River Island. Sandals, Next. Necklace, H&M. Glasses, Ray Ban. Lipstick, 'Infrared' by Topshop.)

Throughout the whole of winter I complained about the horrible cold and rainy and snowy weather, and I couldn't wait for the sun to come out for the summer. Now that it is finally here I'm feeling a little resistant, as if I've forgotten how to dress for summer or something. I've hardly bared my legs at all yet this year, and I keep reverting back to my trusty Joni jeans that I've been loving so much recently. (Seriously, someone take them away from me).

I went down to the beach yesterday to have a BBQ and hang out with some friends and yep, I wore black skinny jeans. I don't really know what I was thinking either. Although to be honest towards the evening I did start to feel the chill, so maybe it was a good decision after all?

I think I need some serious Spring / Summer inspiration to pull me away from my jeans and get me back into skirts and dresses again! I suppose my orange lippy and new sandals make up for it some what though.

Anyway, this outfit is what I wore when I went to see some close friends last weekend for a few drinkies and wonderful conversation. I had bought this chunky chain necklace that day I think and whilst I saw it as a pretty, on trend, statement item of jewellery, a certain boy said 'that looks like something a chavvy, middle aged man would wear'. It's funny how realistic (and blunt) boys can be some times. Of course, I hadn't noticed it until he pointed it out and, well, I still like it.

And for the pictures I've got my fabulous new glasses on! I'm absolutely in love with them. After losing my old specs a few months ago and living in contact lenses all day every day I am certainly happy to have some new frames to throw on when I want to give my eyes a rest! They are Ray Bans and super 'hipster', but I think I pull them off.

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend everyone!



  1. Im obsessed with the joni jeans, they're such a good fit! xx


  2. this outfit it very sexy, and cool at the same time. rly love it. argh i need prescription sunglasses this year, the glasses are cute I want raybans so shall i go ahead and splurge?

  3. Your hair is suchhhhhh a gorgeous colour! I'm so jealous <3

    Love your jeans too, they look so comfy xxx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. I know how you feel. Sometimes, after all the rain when sun comes I get really confused.
    Love that necklace!
    Roxy's Box of Tricks  xx

  5. jeans look fab xx

  6. loving the chunky chain necklace and orange lip!

  7. I love the necklace its gorgeous!


  8. Love the specs! Ive just bought myself some this week like yours! Fell uber sophis x

  9. Love the outfit the jeans look great on you.
    Love the necklace too :)

  10. Oh my gosh, total body envy!! Thanks so much for sending over your link on twitter, I'm in loooove!! xxx

  11. Love .....! You are looking so charming dude

  12. Jeans look great! So tempted to get some Joni topshop jeans, they just look so good on everyone!


  13. You look so great! understated and chic!
    love your blog! new follower :)

  14. Lovely outfit.. Looking cool and stylish.. I am big fan of your choices in latest fashion clothes.. :) xoxo

  15. Great and Super stylish outfit matched with awesome pair of designer footwear.. Loved it..! :) XOXO

  16. Great looks.. Looking stylish.. By the way from where do you buy frames for spectacles..?

  17. Yes to the Joni Jeans, they are my no.1. You look great! :)


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