Monday, 7 January 2013

Current obsessions: Studs

This post is dedicated to my unconditional love for the very popular (if possibly a little over used) studded everything trend.

A few months ago I channeled Gok Wan and visited my local haberdashery in order to get my hands on some small silver studs. And I went absolutely crazy with them. My new found love for metal meant not a single bag or piece of denim was left untouched. And my growing obsession did not end there! I now own several pairs of studded shoes and my wonderfully generous brother even went and bought me this beauty for Christmas. (What a babe). 

I think the reason I like studs and spikes so much is that it makes absolutely anything look that little bit more edgy. So a pale pink clutch bag, now covered in studs, goes from being a bit too girls, to being much more interesting, and far more suited to my style. Not only that, but they're ridiculously versatile too. You can get studded tops, shirts, shorts, shoes, bags, phone cases, hats, the list goes on and on

I realise that this trend has been ongoing now for several months and some people seem to have a problem with how popular it is. Which is understandable as it can be a little embarrassing if you happen to buy the same pair of studded boots from New Look as everyone else (speaking from experience). But who really cares? I love it. You love it. So let's keep this trend alive because it's just so damn great.  

Thanks for reading, I'll leave you with a picture of just a few of my beautiful spiky belongings..



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  1. I like studs for the same reason - it makes things a little less girly and more edgy, which ios more my style too.

    Rebecca @


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