Sunday, 6 January 2013

Got to start somewhere..

So. For a long time now I've been obsessed with reading blogs. It all started with where I came across some pretty interesting arty lifestyle blogs, which soon became my top visited websites.  After a while I started thinking, I could totally do this. Which, after a long time mulling over ideas and plucking up the courage to do it, has led to this rather pointless, but equally exciting blog! The first problem I encountered on my blog making adventure is that it was far more difficult than I thought it would be just to come up with a decent name. I wanted something short and relevant, but also a bit quirky and funny. Slingbacks and Scandal is what I came up with. Pretty lame, I know. 

Also I'd just like to take this time to warn you all- I have absolutely no real knowledge of fashion or beauty whatsoever. This blog is going to be an accumulation of random and pointless stuff that interests me and stuff that I'd like to share. Fashion of course is one of my main interests and I intend to post lots of outfits and possibly reviews about make up, clothes, brands, etc. But don't be fooled into believing anything I have to say, because it's really just my opinions and long winded ramblings!

Anyway, as this is my first official blog post (exciting, huh?) I wanted to explain myself a bit first, which I've done. But I also still want to write something interesting, and keep you guys entertained! So I've decided to talk about a couple of my New Years Resolutions. Kick start this blog with a new year, new adventure kind of attitude!

So here they are...

1. Start a blog. (Done! This is going well...)

2. Join the gym and actually go. This one I haven't done yet because I'm broke. But I still have the attitude that once my student loan gets paid into my account, I will definitely do this!

3. Keep my kitchen tidy. Now this is a difficult one. I live in a student house with 9 other people, and our kitchen is tiny! Which means it gets very messy, very quickly. Having a messy kitchen discourages me to actually cook, and then I end up ordering a take away, and subsequently, becoming ridiculously unhealthy (refer back to resolution 2).

4. Take time to do my hair, not just my make up. Recently I have acquired a lot of lovely make up products, and I've become more and more interested in actually taking time in the morning to 'put my face on', as it were. However, I've also developed a bad habit of not giving a shit about what my hair looks like. I like to think I'm going for the 'just rolled out of bed', 'messy chic' look. But let's be honest. I'm just lazy. And it looks awful.

5. My final resolution is to take more care when spending money. Now, contrary to popular belief, I am actually pretty good with money. I keep my savings and my wages separate to each other so that I don't just accidentally splurge all my hard earned money on pointless and expensive stuff. However, I have developed an attitude where I don't take time to think about what I'm buying. I have a serious impulse buy addiction, I can walk into a shop with the intention to buy a new pair of work shoes, and leave with a leopard print duvet set and two new pairs of eyelashes. (Yes, these are real examples).

Thanks for reading my first every blog post! I hope you all manage to stick to any resolutions you've made, but I'm sure I won't be able to!




  1. Good luck with the blog and all your new year's resolutions.I'm sure you'll do great!

  2. 'I have absolutely no real knowledge of fashion or beauty whatsoever. This blog is going to be an accumulation of random and pointless stuff that interests me and stuff that I'd like to share.'

    Sounds the same as my blog then! x

  3. Hi Sarah!

    Welcome to blogging - I too have just joined!!

    I must say you have a cracking pair of pins, I'm incredibly envious :-)


    1. Thanks Alice, that's so lovely of you!
      I've just checked out your blog too. Good luck with it!!


  4. Sarah, I have to say (I went through your blog backwards) and just came to this "first, last page"..I love your honesty and the way your write. You come across very 'real, witty and likable" ...someone I'd really appreciate in real life! I liked what you said about your knowledge (or lack there of) for fashion & beauty! I am the exact same...not a BIT of real 'substance' but I'll ramble on and on about things I dig...same for the money..savings and wages 100% separate because, like you..I'm totally impulsive to things I think I 'NEED'. :/

    At any rate, I'm so glad you found me or I found you? today...! I am really going to enjoy following your blog and for what it's worth (I'm new to blogging too)..I think you are doing great and it really comes through in your posts that you are enjoying it ..& that's what it's all about!


    xxX - Angi

    1. Thank you so much Angi! I've just gone through and read all your lovely comments. They really mean a lot!
      I will be following your blog as well :)


  5. Good luck achieving all this - my resolution has sucked so far!!


    1. Thanks, I've managed to keep a few up so far!



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