Sunday, 6 January 2013

A year in Instagram outfits...

As it's the beginning of a brand new year, and my last post was an overview of what I'm going to accomplish this year. I thought I'd take a quick look back over 2012 and share a few of my outfits that I posted to Instagram over the year.  

I think 2012 was a bit of a break through year for me. I made a few mistakes, big ones. But I also learnt a lot. (Cliche, I know). I think this year is when I really became interested in getting to know my own style. Before I used to follow the crowd a lot, and didn't really know what my style was, or what music I liked, in fact, I didn't seem to know myself at all really. I used to make the mistake of changing how I act, what I wear, what music I listen to, etc, in order to impress people  boys. But over the year I've learnt that I really don't care what they think. And this has had a big impact on my life. So thanks, 2012. You were great! 

Oh and just to warn you.. you're about to see a LOT of mirror pictures. 

And yes.. I did sneak a cheeky Halloween picture in there. It's still an outfit right?



  1. Great start to your blog! Love your outfits x

  2. Lovely outfits! I'm new too blogging too! :)

    Jay x


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